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It was Launched back in 1987.

Just for Men is a hair dye product designed and marked for Just men, and is designed to cover gray hair, including products designed for beards and mustaches.

What’s in it? 

The ingredients include Ethoxydiglycol, Alcohol, Ethanolamine, and more

Where Can I find it?

You can find this product in drug stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, and may even find it in some grocery stores. The product sells for around $10 per application

Not Just for Men!

I was looking on YouTube to see if there was anything cool to share with you guys on this brand! And check out this “hack” for those with lady brow issues!  I’m not sure if it works and is not going to suggest you try this – but, Just in case if you have a box taking up dust – you could perhaps suggest this to someone that is complaining about their eyebrows!