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Loreal Hair Dye Colour Chart

  • 12 Shades of Blonde
  • 4 Shades of Dark Blonde
  • 7 Shades of Medium Brown
  • 3 Shades of Dark Brown
  • 1 Shade of Red Brown

Tag Line: Because I am Worth It

Hair Dye Instructions:

  • Leave Hair Dry
  • Mix the Dye colour and Solution base. Shake Well
  • Start at the roots and lather well using all of the solutions
  • Leave on for 20- 25 minutes
  • Rinse Well ( till water runs clear)
  • Use the Conditioner and leave it for another 3 -5 minutes
  • Rinse Hair – Do not shampoo for 24 hours.
  • Excellence Creme Dye

Excellence by L’Oréal, the first hair colour with Triple Protection that will revitalize and protect hair from the inside and out. Protects and Covers Grey and helps give you younger-looking hair. It provides lots of highlights as well.

More Hair Colour Brands

L’oreal Paris also has the following Brands for Hair Dye:

Permanent Colour Brands: Sublime Mousse, Excellence Creme, Superior Preference, and Feria

How to use Youth Code Serum

The Youth Code serum boosts skin regeneration and starts looking younger. It’s lightweight yet robust; see results alone or by using this product with other Youth Code products. The product should make skin look rested and younger.