Seniors Day at Lawtons

Lawton’s is a drugstore and pharmacy chain with over 76 locations in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. It has been around for over 100 years, starting in Newfoundland. Owned and operated by Sobeys.

From blood pressure machines, cholesterol screening, diabetes meters and mobility equipment, Lawton Drugs has something for everyone. They even offer home healthcare solutions!

They strive to give seniors convenient access and savings on medication and other healthcare supplies.

Lawton Drugs Seniors Discount program discounts seniors 55 and older on select products. The discount amount varies by item but ranges around 20% off.

When is Lawtons Seniors Day?

Lawtons Drugs is pleased to offer 55+ Appreciation Day on most Wednesdays to customers who are 55 or older and scan their Scene+ card.

Check your flyer for the next date. 

 Seniors are eligible for bonus savings and special offers.
Members get access to points, exclusive member-only discounts and various other benefits.
To sign up for Scene+, customers can register at
To get the most out of Lawton Drugs Seniors Discount Program, take advantage of their weekly discounts and join Scene+.
Additional savings opportunities are available on for those looking for more ways to save money at Lawtons.

Proof of Age:

Customers who wish to take advantage of Lawton Drugs’ Seniors Discount must present a valid ID or proof of age at purchase. Depending on the store location, customers may need to register for Scene+. This program is available throughout Canada in all Lawton Drugs retail stores and online via the official website.

This program is available at all Lawton Drugs retail stores across Canada and online through our website.

Discount Excludes:

  • Food Products Prescriptions, Giftware sale items, Baby formula/diapers, mobility products, pop, gift cards
  • Services like stamps/bus tickets pass lottery tickets.