San Daniele & Mastro sliced Meat! Who wants Savings! We have found Coupons!

If you are looking for ways to save on porchetta, German Bologne, Salami, and other sliced or whole meats for a special treat or a small get-together -Here’s a way to save on your next purchase.

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For your Price book or as a launching point of finding a good sale to use this coupon, I found some price points online to compare in Canada.

At Walmart Online 

  • Mastro Gluten Free Genoa Sliced Salami $3.00 per 100grams
  • San Daniele Gluten Free Sliced Prosciutto $5.00 per 100grams

About Mastro and San Danile!

This brand believes that food with the simplest ingredients is what fine foods are all about. They honour the tradition of slowly ageing their meats. The brand prides itself on being an industry leader in specialty deli meats!

So if you a creating a charcuterie board – think about this brand of aged sliced meats!