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No Yolks Brand

Did you know that No Yolks is the very first noodle that is cholesterol-free? A man by the name of Robert Strom created this product back in 1976.

Robert was a pasta maker, and one day, he was listening to a radio station broadcast one day on the way to work. The topic of cholesterol in eggs was mentioned, and the amount that is found in each egg. He knew a better way to cook his noodles was to make them contain less cholesterol and make them healthier for consumers. And so, the No Yolks brand of pasta was born.

No Yolks are made from wheat flour, cornflour and egg whites.

It comes in the following varieties;

  • Extra Broad, Broad, Medium, Fine, Dumpling and the European-style Klusk

The next time you find yourself at your local grocery store, why not take a little peek at the No Yolk brand of products. Try them for yourself if you are looking for a healthier alternative.