This is a tremendously busy weekday dinner recipe!  It’s so easy, and generally, you will only maybe have to purchase the Asian Dumplings ( potstickers) at the store – the rest of the ingredients you will probably have in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards.

I love that this Recipe is so versatile, and you can almost use up any leftover veggies you have. I love that if you’re in a huge hurry – frozen veggies can do in a pinch and cut your cooking time in half.

Adults and Kids alike will be begging for seconds! It’s so versatile  – and great to make on those kids-packed activity nights when you are running in a few directions!

You can swap out Potstickers for other known things like Asian Dumplings or even frozen wontons.

Potsticker Soup Recipe

Potsticker Soup Recipe - Frugal Quick Recipe |

What’s great about this Recipe is it’s easy to frugal it to feed a small army! No need to double up on the Potsticker Asian dumplings! Just increase your fillers, and you will be fine!


This Recipe as-is will feed approximately 4 Adult Servings and takes about 25 minutes to make – It might even be less!

Yes, you can make it even healthier and cook raw vegetables if you have the time – adjust your cooking time to allow your raw veggies to cook before adding in noodles.

It’s a pretty frugal recipe

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Potsticker Soup Recipe - Frugal Quick Recipe |

Potsticker Soup Recipe – Frugal Quick Recipe

  • Author: Theresa


At my local NO frills:

Asian Dumplings run about $5.79
Ichiban Noodles ($0.27)
Frozen veggies $2.00 for a full bag
Campbells Chicken Broth Container $1.49 – $2.00)
Green onions bundle $1.27
So You can easily make this soup for $10.00 or less

I’ve linked to Amazon and Google images in the ingredients for Images purposes of ingredients for those of you that may not be familiar.



1 Pkg of Potstickers/ Asian Dumplings /frozen wontons ( your choice)
1 Pkg of Ichiban Noodles ( Chicken flavored)
3 green onions or bok choy
1 Cup of Water
1 1/2 Cup of frozen vegetables ( your choice- I used peas and carrots and sweet peas)
2 Cups of  Chicken Broth
1/4 Cup of Soya Sauce
1 tsp of Sesame Oil
Pinch of 5 Spice ( Optional)
1/2 tsp of garlic salt
Pinch of salt and pepper


In a Medium sized pot on the stove top

Add the following ingredients

  • Water, soya sauce, spices, chicken broth, sesame oil

Let it heat up on Medium heat: once it begins to simmer a bit add in your green onions or chopped bok choy

( If using raw veggies – be sure to cook through during this step )

Continue to simmer:

  • Add in your frozen veggies and Ichiban noodles

Cook another 3 minutes ( until noodles are cooked)

  • Lastly, add in the Potstickers/ Asian Dumplings

Cook another 5 minutes (approx)

Serve Hot!

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as my family does!

Potsticker Soup Recipe - Frugal Quick Recipe |


Another bonus to this simple Recipe is the need for only one pot; simply add ingredients, and viola, you have dinner served in 25 minutes or less!