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Old Dutch Contest for Canada 2020

“Flash THANKSGIVING Giveaway!”

Enter for a chance to WIN an Old Dutch Prize Pack! 


Simply follow the directions to comment on the contest post on Instagram or Facebook.

Good Luck.

Rules: (assumed,none are posted)

  • Single Entry
  • Residents of Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority

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This Old Dutch Contest end date is unknown, so enter now. 


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List of participating products



Old Dutch Foods

This brand was first introduced in Winnipeg, Manitoba over 50 years ago. It started off as a little chip company and as now grown into a well-known and trusted the brand.

Some things that they have added throughout the years that have made this product increase its popularity include;

  • Adding multigrain for a healthier option
  • Zero trans fats
  • High-quality ingredients

If you love Old Dutch chips you are going to love their dips, salsa’s, and party snacks as well. Complete your snacking experience and make it memorable.

Some things that make Old Dutch Chips special include;

  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut and nut free
  • No trans fat
  • Takes about 4 lbs of potatoes to make 1 lb of chips


Find delicious recipes that are sure to please. From mouth-watering sauces and dips to appetizers and entrees. Old Dutch will make your next get-together a success.

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  1. I would recommend that you contact the company directly. We are not the sponsor of this promotion.


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