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Old Navy Coupon Codes for Canada.

  • Save 20% off Your Order
    • At Checkout, use coupon code BONUS
  • Save 35% off Clearance
    • At Checkout, use coupon code EXTRA

This Old Navy Coupon Code is valid Online Only.

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Old Navy Coupon Codes are valid on February 15, 2019

FREE Shipping on orders of $50 or More – no Code Needed

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Free Shipping everyday on orders over $50.00

Free Returns on all orders

Old Navy Brand

Carries clothing for the whole family. From newborn to adult, you are sure to find something for everybody.

  • Shop Ladies
  • Shop Mens
  • Shop Boys, Girls, Toddler, and Baby
Shop Old Navy Canada

Have a child and really hate those jeans with the buttons? Well, find jeans with elastic waists at this store. One of the common complaints many parents out there have is the fact that their child is having difficulty with potty issues, or just getting dressed because of those pesky buttoned jeans. Here’s the perfect solution. No more wearing gym pants all day every day.

The first ever Old Navy Store was opened in 1974 in San Francisco. A year later the ever-famous performance fleece line was introduced. Hoodies anyone?

In 1999 Old Navy joined the World Wide Web and made online shopping available for us all.

Old Navy did not open in Canada until 2001 however. Aren’t you glad they did?

In 2005 flip flops were introduced. Now they have become a staple part of this store. They even give away free flip-flops from time to time.

Some products you will find at Old Navy

  • Flip Flops
  • Shorts
  • Tees
  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Tanks
  • Polos
  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • and more

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Old Navy Canada is vastly more diverse than many people think. They sell so many different types of clothing and accessories that one can easily get lost going through the aisles of their beautiful stores. It is really hard to imagine that Old Navy has only been in Canada since 2001, but now that they are here you can take advantage of their wonderful sales whenever the mood strikes you. You can also shop on their website if you want to have their products sent right to your door.

Housed under the umbrella of retail powerhouse The Gap, Inc., Old Navy has stores all over the world. The best examples of these are their flagship stores that are located in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City. All of these stores are legendary in the industry as being some of the grandest examples of retail store success.

With Old Navy Canada, we have access to all the styles and excitement that the store is known for.

Find an Old Navy Canada location near you. 





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