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Saran Premium Wrap

Keep foods fresh longer with a little help from Saran wrap products.

It is very durable and toughly wraps your food, keeping it safe.

The perfect solution for meat, fruit, or just about anything you need to be protected and kept fresh.

The quality, as well as the taste of your food, can be protected by using Saran Wrap. Lock those flavours in and make sure your food stays the way it should.

Saran Wrap was first introduced back in 1949 and continues to be a trusted household product.

Saran Wrap Toilet Prank

I’m sure many of you have seen or at least heard of the Saran Wrap Toilet Prank.

You add a little Saran Wrap to a toilet. It becomes almost invisible. When the unsuspected person tries to use the washroom, well, you know the result.

A hilarious prank to play on your friends. Suppose you do not mind having them for ex-friends soon.