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    What is Source Naturals Melatonin You Might Ask?

    This product is used to treat occasional sleeplessness.

    We all need sleep to function correctly. Our bodies require sleep to enhance even our mental health and well-being.

    Just like we need food and water to keep our bodies healthy, sleep is at the top of that list as well.

    Melatonin is a hormone that naturally occurs in the brain. It controls the sleep and wake cycle of our brains. If we do not have enough of this hormone, we cannot sleep properly or wake throughout the night.

    This product helps people fall asleep more quickly and stay in a restful sleep once they have fallen asleep.

    Source Naturals is perfect for those who need to switch from night shifts to day shifts or vice versa, even for travellers who find themselves in different time zones.

    Whatever your reason for needing sleep, this product can help.

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