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New Shoppers Army Product Review Opportunity: Tide or Gain Products.

This April, Shoppers Army has an offer where you can sign up for (Free) and choose a sample of select Tide and Gain Products and apply for a chance to try the latest products for your laundry detergent.


If not already a Shoppers Army Member – You will be required to sign up and take a small quiz about why you want to try this product.

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Is Free Sample No longer Available?

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About Tide Pods

Tide Pods has the same Tide Clean you love. Each pod contains cleaning agents and stain removers.  Works in all Washing Machines – toss in a pod with a laundry load – wash as usual. Tide is one of Canada’s favourite laundry detergents over the years.  I do know it’s also one of the most expensive detergents due to the brand over time.

Keeping Tide Pods out of Children’s reach

Consider building a shelf in your laundry room – or keeping your tide pods up high. Make sure you keep the pods in a hard-to-open case or at least of easy reach.

If your child does happen to ingest a tide pod, Contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or Call your Doctor.

What’s Your Favorite Tide Detergent?

I have not bought tide products in a very long time, to be completely honest.  But I do have family members that use Tide Free as the product has fewer chemicals for sensitive skin. Try to find a tide sample to apply for.

Loads of Hope Tide Program

Tide Loads of Hope. is a program of providing clean clothing to families in need.  Tide believes clean clothes can make a difference in chaos. It started with Hurricane Katrina and has been strong ever since.