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Tilda rice has a lot of advantages, such as the fact that they all taste different, so you will never get bored with your cooking.

I recommend trying their basmati rice because it’s light and fluffy and is excellent in salads or eaten alone.

You may also try wild rice, which cooks to a soft, crunchy texture.

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    About Tilda

    Tilda rice is a basmati long grain rice brand that originates from India.

    In the 1960s, when Canada and the US lifted their ban on India’s rice exports, the company started exporting basmati rice to Europe and India. Soon, their product grew in popularity across the globe. Today, you can find Tilda rice worldwide in different types: brown rice, parboiled rice, and Tilda long grain basmati.

    About Basmati Rice

    The word “basmati” means “queen” or “princess,” which is a desirable trait to have in a product name as it’s often associated with royalty and taste.

    Basmati rice grows abundantly in India under clean soil near Himalayan foothills, allowing an easy growth cycle.

    Tilda Basmati Brown Rice has a strong fragrant smell, and its nutty texture is one of the significant factors for its popularity. It cooks up soft with distinct long grains (even though many people like to make different recipes with basmati) and is somewhat similar to white rice taste, although slightly more fluffy. This cooker is suitable for most occasions, including daily use, quick-cooking, special meals, celebrations, etc…

    You can prepare it by boiling water or steaming it over a stovetop or microwave oven (although microwaving isn’t best). Tilda brand also provides instructions about how much rice you should cook depending on your desired amount of servings/personality.