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Villa Ravioli has been in the business of fine Italian foods for over 50 years. You can save on their products using a Villa Ravioli coupon.

What’s interesting about this company is its products are all-natural and hand-made by Italian artisans.

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Where to Purchase Villa Ravioli in Canada

  • Sobeys
  • Metro
  • Loblaws
  • Walmart
  • Maxi
  • Food Basics

 Villa Ravioli Pricing in Canada

pricing sale

Walmart Canada ( Ontario) 

Villa Ravioli Manicotti Ricotta & Spinach ( 500g) $5.47

Real Canadian Superstore ( Western)

Villa Ravioli Manicotti Ricotta & Spinach ( 500g) $5.99

About the Company

At Villa Ravioli, they make pasta the way people in Italy do.

Three men in the early 1990s formed the firm. The company is situated in Montreal, Quebec.

De Cecco pasta is sold in a lot of different types. There’s ravioli, spaghetti, and fettuccini. They also provide a range of sauces like alfredo sauce and bolognese sauce. De Cecco pasta can be found in supermarkets and restaurants where you can enjoy the pasta from the chefs.

Villa Ravioli first opened its restaurant 25 years ago. They say that they’ve only grown more passionate about pasta since then.

“At that time, we learned how hard it is to find good quality Italian meals in Montreal. So we decided to create our line of fresh homemade pasta made with Italian recipes.

They also come in various forms, including bowtie and spiral wave designs.

Villa Ravioli makes pasta with fresh ingredients, like natural spring water. They try to make the pasta taste better.

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