Discover Water Wipes with an opportunity for a Water Wipes free sample.

Water Wipes contain 99.9 percent water and a bit of Natural fruit extract.   Never worry again about your family’s sensitive skin, particularly babies.

Right Now, the Sampler Canada Website offers a Free sample of WaterWipes, and you can Apply to Try it as well.

Water Wipes are 99% water and 0% chemicals, making them perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. The no-tears formulation is Paraben, Alcohol, Fragrance and Tears free, making them ideal for your baby’s soft skin. They are also the only wipe with a clinically proven mildness that is as gentle to the skin as pure water. The result? Clean, happy babies!

How to Get a Water Wipes Sample?

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Notes on Free Samples from Sampler:

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    Did you get a free sample and want to know where to start finding them in Canada?

    Where to buy water wipes in Canada

    A Local Store near you to purchase these expensive wipes will be a challenge; not many top stores carry this brand of baby wipes.

    Try your local Walmart anywhere in Canada!  They have a good supply of different packages of water wipes.

    Shoppers Drug Mart Canada does not sell this brand of wipes yet.

    You can also search on the Waterwipes website for a list of stores nearby.

    Prices of Water Wipes


    Walmart: Baby water wipes: 240 counts $19.99 – works out to $0.08 per wipe

    But if this is your brand of choice, and you are looking for the cheapest price has Water Wipes for $0.07 per sheet, and if you subscribe and save, you can grab the wipes for as little as $0.06

    Why are Water Wipes so Expensive?

    Water Wipes are wet wipe and chemicals-free. They contain purified water and 0.2 % fruit extract to cleanse the skin gently. The wipes do not have ingredients that may dry, irritate or harm your baby’s delicate skin. Water Wipes are also alcohol, fragrance and soap-free, which means you can be sure that they are safe for you to use on your baby.

    Benefits of water wipes


    The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about wipes is probably something like “don’t flush them down the toilet” or “they dry out my hands.” Water Wipes stand apart because, as explained above, they contain absolutely no chemicals and only water.

    After the first, the second thing that springs to mind is “what are they made of” or “where do they come from.” Of course, I didn’t just want to know where the product came from but also what was in it. That’s why I learned more about the ingredients used to make Water Wipes. Let’s start with what you can find on their website:

    Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sorbitol and 0.2% Fruit Extract (Lemon).

    They are simple, clean and short.

    You can’t see that the wipes are made from 100% cellulose, making them thick yet soft on your baby’s skin. The wipes are non-allergenic because of the absence of perfumes, allergens or irritants.