, Werther’s Original Coupon – Save $1.00

, Werther’s Original Coupon – Save $1.00



Werther’s Original Coupon For Canada

Save $1.00 off your next purchase of Werther’s Original Softer Side Caramels

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Werther’s Original

This product is a caramel flavoured treat that favoured a German company. It is also known as Werther’s Echte(Werther’s Original).

The very first candy was introduced back in 1969, and consumers loved it. Its popularity grew yearly until it reached the massive sales that they experience today.

Most people have known Werther’s Original as hard candy. However, you can now purchase them as soft, chewy candy. The same rich, delicious taste that we know and love, just softer.

These chewy toffee bits just melt in your mouth, hence the name Caramels. You can also get them with a chocolate filling.


Find fun and delicious recipes online using Werther’s Original candy. The first that comes to mind would have to be those sticky, gooey, mouth-watering Caramel Apples that everybody loves.

Some other recipes that might interest you include;

  • Caramel Apple Tart
  • Caramel Drizzle Apples
  • Funny Face Caramel Apples(great for kids)
  • Chewy Bars
  • Spiced Bread
  • Caramel Mocha Hot Chocolate
  • and many more.