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Zevia Cola

This cola has zero caffeine or calories but still tastes like cola. Many people say one of the main reasons they cannot give up soda is the fact that they love the taste. Why not choose a healthier alternative that still is delicious, but without the added calories and caffeine? Zevia is the product for you. Comes in a variety of flavours to choose from(15 flavours in fact)

It is all-natural and contains no artificial sweeteners, which are a huge plus. Kids tend to love sugary drinks. Why not try Zevia to satisfy that want but without the sugar intake.

If I had to describe what this product tastes like(the regular original cola flavour), I would say a little citrus and spice with a tangy side to it.

Some flavours to choose from include; Black Cherry, Cherry Cola, Cream Soda, Lemon-Lime, Grapefruit Twist, Ginger Root Beer, Mountain Zevia, Lime Cola, Orange, and Strawberry. There is sure to be one that you will fall instantly in love with.

Latest Zevia News

Move over Pepsi and Coca-Cola. There is a new cola beverage in town. This one is a zero-calorie beverage that tastes just as good as you do.

The proof?!

Let me see proof. You might be saying to yourself. Well, Zevia just announced on USA Today that they would be the first-ever soda that is sweetened by Stevia to be found at the Major League Baseball Events!!

Yes, you read that correctly. When your brand hits the Major Leagues, you know you have arrived.

This company is small, while the Pepsi and Coke empire is massive. How this unlikely brand made it this far is beyond me.

It just goes to show that you do not have to be big to be convincing if you have the right product and put in the hard work and determination then you can hit it big.

Major League Baseball welcomes Zevia!!! Zevia will be sold in bottles at a concession stand near you. Look for it Today.