It’s summer, and we all want cold treats! But when watching your waistline or watching calories – it can make it more of a challenge.

We are huge Orange Crush Fans around my house! We also all scream for Ice Cream. 

But traditional Floats are filled with calories and more saturated fats than we typically need!

So I did a quick Google search to see if Frozen Yogurt can be used as a substitute for Ice Cream – And It can be!

A Quick stop at IGA – to buy my favourite brand of Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt, and headed home to make us all Orange Crush Floats!

I love Diet Orange Crush – as it honestly tastes like the real thing – and for me, I find it doesn’t have some of that Diet Aspartame taste you can find with other Diet soft drinks.

Whatever your favourite Diet Drink is – Could be Zevia or True Rain  – Substitute it for orange Crush – You can do Diet Root Beer or Cream Soda.

End Result – Everyone Loved it! And the secret was all mine! They all thought they had the real thing!

This Easy Drink has only 100 Calories and 1g of Saturated Fat.

Low Calorie Orange Crush Float Recipe |

Low-Calorie Orange Crush Float Recipe


I used the following Ingredients

  • 1/2 Cup Chapman’s Frozen Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1 Can of Diet Orange Crush


Measure out the Frozen Yogurt and put in a tall glass, then pour the can of Diet Orange Crush pop over the top slowly.

Add Straw and Enjoy!

That Easy!

Nutrition :

100 Calories in Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt 

  • 2 Grams of Fat ( Saturated Fat is 1g)
  • Cholesterol 10mg
  • Sodium 65mg
  • Carbs 18g
  • Sugar 14g

In Crush Diet Orange Can:

75 mg of Sodium  ( Everything else is 0)

Fake Sugar is with Splenda ( or used to be) and no aspartame

How many calories are you saving?

Savings of approximately 180 Calories 

Well Regular Vanilla Ice Cream is about 150 – 160 Calories per 1/2 Cup

Crush Soda Popper 1 Cup is about 130