Now With, January is here! Many of us struggle to keep up our New Years’ Resolutions goals of losing weight and gaining muscle. Here are some of my favourite Free Applications I use on my iPhone – Plus, quite a few more than many of my Gym friends use and tell me about!

Top 11 Free iPhone Applications for your Weight Loss Goals 2022


  1. My Fitness Pal: Great Free Application allows you to add up your calories for the day, and look up food worth, Including telling you how many calories you have burnt during exercise: Also free to use online on your desktop.
  2. Lose It – similar to My Fitness Pal – See what you like better:
  3. Fooducate – Scan Barcodes and get helpful information from them. It’s Rated, so you know if it’s healthy or not.
  4. FITOCRACY: if you are the type of person that loves badges and rewards like a game to keep yourself motivated. Here’s a for you.
  5. Endomondo – Perfect for Goal Setters. It tracks everything from calories to speed, gives audio feedback and receives motivating feedback.
  6. My Diet Coach – Get Rewarded for achieving your goals and drinking water – exercise for 20 minutes etc.
  7. Weight Watchers – If you are on the diet of Weight Watchers, you will love this application
  8. 7-Minute Workout – if you’re starting – This might be an excellent exercise application to get you started.
  9. JEFIT WORKOUT –  Great for those beginning in Body Building
  10. Gym Boss – Interval Timer, Great for Tabata or taking minutes between sets, or creating intervals

Not Free But Worth Mentioning:

  1. Body Shot: – Great for before and after – keep track of all your measurements each time you do it.

Tips For Finding More Free Applications on iPhone

Lookup by diet – if you’re following a plan, such as Atkins, Ketogenic, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Low Carb,

If you love Cycling at the Gym – Lookup Spin – my fav apps are the Cycle Companion Lite and Ride Lean.

If you love Running, many applications are dedicated to running and walking.

If you want to work out one major muscle group for whatever reason: Look up Ab Trainer or Leg.

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