Do you have a pet? If so, do you also hate the hair they shed everywhere? It can be frustrating to keep up with, after all. Here are some of the best pet hair removers in Canada that will help make your life easier!

It’s not easy being a pet owner these days. You have to worry about everything from vet visits, food costs, and making sure your furry friend gets enough exercise.

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But there are also the little things that you’re constantly cleaning up after – hair! Pet hair can be found everywhere in your home – on furniture, carpets, clothes, and even dishes. And while people would prefer to get rid of all the excess fur without having to vacuum every day or buy new clothes because theirs are covered in dog hair. If you’re one of those unlucky souls who hate dealing with pet hair

We’ve also included links to Original Bloggers who have posted their pet hair remover tips and how well they felt it worked for cat and dog hair.

Because we all know Lint rollers don’t work in every situation

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What is the best pet hair remover?

There is no best answer for this, as it depends on the hair and how fine it is, plus the problem of the fabric, some fabric is easier to clean than others.

How can I control my dog’s hair in the house?

10 Best Pet Hair Remover Hacks that will Change Your Life

1. Rubber Gloves Use textured

Best Pet Hair Remover Hacks That Will Change Your Life | best pet hair removers

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Use Textured Rubber Gloves – Slip on some rubber gloves and run your hand along the carpet or where your pet likes to lay to collect pesky pet hair. You can even pet your cat, but this is a great tip on an easy-to-clean cat hair remover tool. See how it worked out for this blogger to get rid of pet hair from furniture and even car seats. Pet owners, this is a simple trick. Easy to use

2. Carpet Rake – Rake the Hair

Carpet Rake for Pet Hair Removal

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Using a Spray and a Carpet Rake, the rubber bristles can get into places where a vacuum may have missed. According to this blogger – this carpet rake is a great way to remove pet hair from the stairs. Roll it back and forth in short strokes, allowing the rubber bristles to be a  fur remover for long-haired animal hair. It helps remove all types of pet hair. According to many reviews, it works well on the carpet with a tight fit and where a regular vacuum cannot remove the stubborn pet hair from cats who love to lay near the door.


3. Pumice Stone – Scrub carpeted surfaces

Pemuce Stone to Use with Pet Hair

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Use a Pumice Stone to scrub the area to collect pet hair. – This will work well when your Vacuum doesn’t get into the short fibres of a carpet area – in your vehicle. You can use the stone to help gather the pet hair before vacuuming since it’s a stone. It’s easy to clean and works like a lint roller for cat hair. Many pet owners claim it is an excellent way of removing pet hair. See it in action from this blog

4. Window Squeezy Works Wonders

Window Squeezy


Use a Window Squeegy and run it along your upholstery or carpet to help collect pet hair. It’s easy to use, and you probably already own one to clean your shower; many bloggers claim it works well to help manage cat hair from the top of their furniture. The nice thing about this idea, it is easy to clean after every use. It’s a great idea to remove dog fur from under the sofa or love seat.

See How This Blogger made it work. 


5. Do it Yourself Large Lint Roller ( Sticky Tape)

Use Duck Tape as a Lint Roller


You can use Duck Tape and a Paint Roller to create a giant Lint roller! An easy way to do a large area on your couch or bedding before the company arrives. Some bloggers claim it works better than traditional lint rollers because the duct tape is heavier than conventional. Depending on the paint roller’s size, you can determine your lint roller’s size to clean the furniture or clothing you want. You can create as many sticky rollers as you wish. A sticky tape is a great option, especially for dressing as you leave the house.

. See how this worked for this blogger! 

6. Get Pet hair off Clothing trick

Bounce Sheets


How do you get hair remover in the laundry? In the Dryer! Sometimes you can solve some issues such as blankets etc., by simply tossing it in the dryer for a cycle, and it will collect the pet hair in the lint catcher and save you money on sticky tape overall long as you have a few minutes.

Hair all over your black dress pants? Throw it in the dryer with a fabric sheet before you toss it in the washing machine if the dog hair is finely woven into the fabric. It’s a cheat when you don’t have a lint brush handy to remove dog hair from clothing, or when the company is coming to stay in your guest room, toss the fresh linen into the dryer to remove hair and fur.

Any brand of dryer Sheets will work! Find other great uses for Bounce Sheets. 

7. Get Pet hair off Furniture Felt Pads

Embrey Board


This Pet owner blogger has a tutorial and a video on how to use an Embery Board to clean that pesky furniture felt pads from any pet hair that gets accumulated on your dining room set or any furniture that has pads on its hardwood floors. It’s easy to use, and you most likely have one for your nails in your makeup bag! Just rub it back and forth to remove hair from the bottom.

8. Soften up the Furniture or Carpet Fibres before Vacuuming



Use a bit of any Fabric Softener and water brand in a spray bottle to help the fibres in the carpet or furniture soften up to make vacuuming worth it. Or You can wipe up using your rubber pet grooming gloves from the upholstery itself. It will make your house even smell clean with this little trick after cleaning. Many claim this little trick is essential for pet hair removal on furniture and those tight carpets that are stubborn to work with any other tool.

. Other Uses for Downy Fabric Softener Tips 

9. ChomChom Roller  Pet Hair 

CHom Chom Roller as one of the Best Pet Hair Remover on Tik Tok


In 2021, This is still a Rage! The pros of this tool are honestly it traps the hair for you, so you don’t have to use your hands to take off the hair, and you can save yourself on lint roller tape. The Chomchom roller pet hair remover is a bit pricey at $34.99 at Amazon, but it is a great pet hair roller for removing pet hair from furniture; the only negative reviews were the tool’s shape as it doesn’t get into the corners well. Overall the pet hair remover: Chom Chom is an alternative for a lint brush

10. Brush Your Pet ( Pet Grooming Brush for a cat or dog)

Pet Grooming Brush


How can I control my dog’s hair in the house?

The best way to control a dog’s hair in any house is to brush daily, or at least a few times a week,

The Right Brush for getting rid of the loose hair is an excellent tool to have, especially when the seasons change and dog hair is flying literally in the air in your home. I have one very similar to this one on – but it has metal teeth, and I find this is an excellent brush as it gets deep into the second layer of hair most pets have. For example, I have a white tabby with tons of cat hair that sheds all year, and this kind of brush is the only brush I have found that literally, I remove a ball of cat hair from him in a  single grooming session.

The more you brush, the less hair you will be removed from furniture and will save you time to vacuum and clean your home and reduce the fur you get on your clothes.

What’s the best way to get dog hair out of a car?

Vacuuming is one of the best ways, other than prevention. They make an excellent backseat hammock that will catch a lot of the hair versus on your seats, and you can easily toss the hammock into the washer and dryer.

Other Tips to Try with the Vacuum

When vacuuming goes one direction, then go the other direction once you’re done with the room. Yes, it’s more work – but it’s nice to loosen up any stubborn hair that pet hair may trap deep into the carpet.

Sweep hardwood floors before vacuuming to get all the loose hair first – so fewer blows around, then vacuum.

Vacuum more often – I know, Right!?! More Cleaning? But it will help keep cat and dog hair at bay if there’s less roaming around.

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Removal

I did purchase the Dyson Raved about Pet Hair Vacuum priced between $400 and $500, and I found  It didn’t work any better than any of my other $200 priced vacuums, but it is very High Rated. So many people love their Dyson vacuums. Don’t you hate it when that happens? You purchase the most raved-about product, and they don’t work as well as you hope, especially when it comes to high-dollar items.

Dyson Vacuum Pet


The Claim to Fame: Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum. I’m not going to say you will regret it, nor will I tell you its worth every penny when it comes to a vacuum; it claims it can pick up even the lightest of pet hair and has a self cleaner harder that can go from carpet to hardwood quickly,  It does come with a 5-year warranty. It might be an excellent investment if your home has many area rugs.

The Vacuum claims to have a powerful turbine tool specially manufactured to get under couches and in small tough spots where you would likely need a smaller device.







Vacuum Severin

Severin Special Corded Vacuum Cleaner, Ocean Blue

This is the latest Vacuum I have purchased. Regular $320 on Amazon. It is made in Germany and is the quietest, most potent Vacuum I’ve bought. It, in my opinion, was worth every penny compared to Bissell and Hoover vacuums. I primarily have laminate flooring with area rugs and carpeting on the stairs and hallway. This Vacuum sucks up the pet hair like no one’s business. It has several heads to choose from; it’s light to pack around, the cord auto retracts. I have a dog and two cats that spend most of their time indoors, but this Vacuum helps remove pet hair from carpets and laminate. In addition, this Vacuum is sturdy and has no flimsy plastic. I’ve owned this Vacuum since July 2020, and I still absolutely love it for its powerful pet hair removal capabilities.






Conclusion: What to Look for in a Pet Hair Remover

Type of Pet Hair and How much.

This is a primary question about choosing a pet hair removal tool. If its just clothes and furniture, then consider a Chom Chom roller or lint remover tool, but if you are looking to clean your entire house from shedding fur from dogs and cats, you may want to invest in more tools that can help save you time and multitask

Size of Space

How much space you have, and how much fur you need to remove, such as carpet and bedding. If you don’t have much, consider a small and lightweight vacuum or a Lilly brush to go back and forth with those areas. But if you are finding pet hair everywhere, you may want to look at ways to shortcut your work and find the best pet hair removers.

Double Up Features

You may want to consider some of the tools we mentioned at the top of the list, as many pet hair removers can be dual purposed such as window cleaning or used in your laundry, and don’t cost you anything. As a pet owner, get a good vacuum and find a grooming brush that works for your pet.