9 Pet Hair Removal Hacks That Will Change Your Life



If you own Pets that visit the indoors – You have pet hair! We all know it can get embarrassing in a heartbeat during certain parts of the year. We found some great tips already posted online by other fabulous bloggers who have the same struggle! Fur Baby owners know the Struggle is Real!  All pictures were taken from Amazon Canada – so if you decide to purchase a current tool you don’t already own – we’ve shown you a Canadian friendly place to purchase.

Also, we ‘ve included links to Original Bloggers who have posted their tips and how well they felt it worked.

9 Pet Hair Removal Hacks that will Change Your Life

1. Rubber Gloves Use textured

Via Amazon

Use Textured Rubber Gloves – Slip on some rubber gloves and run your hand along the carpet or where your pet likes to lay to collect pesky pet hair. See how it worked out from this blogger 

2. Carpet Rake – Rake the Hair

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By Using Spray and a Carpet Rake you can get into places where a vacuum may have missed. According to this blogger – it’s a Great way to remove hair from the stairs.


3.Pumice Stone – Scrub carpeted surfaces

Via Amazon

Use a Pumice Stone to simply scrub the area to collect pet hair. – This will work well when your vacuum won’t get into the short fibers of a carpet area – in your vehicle. You can simply use the stone to help gather the pet hair before vacuuming. See it in action from this blog

4. Window Squeegy Works Wonders

Via Amazon.ca

Simply use a Window Squeegy and run it along your upholstery or carpet to help collect pet hair. See How this Blogger made it work 


5. Do it Yourself Large Lint Roller

Via Amazon.ca

You can use Duck Tape and a Paint Roller to create a giant Lint roller! An easy way to do a large area on your couch or bedding before company arrives. See how this worked for this blogger! 

6. Get Pet hair off Clothing trick

Via Amazon.ca

Hair all over your black dress pants? Simply throw it in the dryer with a fabric sheet before you toss it int he washing machine. Any brand of dryer Sheets will work!

7. Get Pet hair off Furniture Felt Pads

Via Amazon.ca

This Blogger has not only a tutorial but a video on how to use an Embery Board to clean that pesky furniture felt pads from any pet hair that gets accumulated

8. Soften up the Fibres before Vacuuming

Via Amazon.ca

Use a bit of any brand of Fabric Softener and water in a spray bottle to help the fibers in the carpet or upholstery soften up to make vacuuming more of a success. or You can wipe up using your rubber gloves from the upholstery itself.

9. Brush Your Pet

Via Amazon.ca

The Right Brush for getting rid of loose hair is a good tool to have especially when seasons change and animals are shedding.  I have one that is very similar to this one on Amazon.ca – but it has the metal teeth and I find this is a great brush as it gets deep into the second layer of hair most pets have. I have a white furbaby that sheds all year, and this kind of brush is the only brush I have found that literally, I pull off a whole kitten from him in huge petting session.

Other Tips to Try with Vacuum

When Vacuuming go one direction then go the other direction once you’re done the room. Yes its more work – but it’s nice to loosen up any stubborn hair that may be trapped deep into the carpet.

Sweep hardwood floors before vacuuming to get all the loose hair first – so less blows around, then vacuum

Vacuum more often – I know Right!?! More Cleaning? but it will help to keep cat and dog hair at bay if there’s less roaming around.



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