Blue Buffalo Pet Food

You know that the Blue Buffalo employees are true pet lovers when you hear that they bring their pets to work daily. I cannot think of any other pet food company out there that does this. Maybe they do, but I am not aware of them.

If that’s not true pet love, nothing is, in my opinion.

They say if you find yourself in one of their offices, you will see a “furry friend” in almost every corner. You know just how close they are to these animals when they name them by name, etc.

One of those pets is named Blue. He suffered from health problems, and therefore the Blue brand of products was born.

Blue Buffalo Coupons for Canada

Blue Buffalo True Solutions coupon

Blue Buffalo is a premium pet food company. The newest line is called Blue True Solutions.

Save $5-$6 when you try the new “True Solutions”

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See how the ingredients in your current Dog/Cat Food brand stack up to the ones in BLUE.

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    Blue Buffalo Prices in Canada

    pricing sale

    Walmart Canada Regular Prices

    • Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food 2.2kg $19.97
    • Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food canned $1.48

    Pet Value Store;

    • Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Mature Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe $32.99
    • Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Large Breed Chicken Recipe Dog Food 24lb bag $73.99
    • Blue Buffalo True Solutions dry cat food  2.7kg $39.99

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    Blue Buffalo Has Real Meat

    What I love about this product is the fact that it contains real meat. Did you know that the list of ingredients is listed in the amount of a particular ingredient in the product?

    Well, Blue lists Real Chicken, Lamb, or Fish as the first ingredient. You know that there are no additives or preservatives and other ingredients that are not beneficial to your pet.

    Life Source Bits

    If you are not familiar with the term “life source bits,” you will want to read further. Blue Buffalo is the only product on the market today that has these products in its dog food.

    Life Source Bits are a blend of antioxidants and nutrients formed to create a product that will ensure that your pet receives the best nutrition possible, whether at different stages in its life or improving its immune system.