11 Recipes that use All Bran Cereal |




I’m not sure about you- But I’m always trying to get more Fibre into my diet!  One of the oldest and truest way is Good ole All Bran Cereal – I’m sure we’ve all bought a box or two in our lifetime.  I really don’t care for the taste – even though I know its good for me!

But now with the Help of Google & Pinterest! – There’s a larger variety of how to get this fibre filled cereal into us! Including Desserts and Stuffing!

Here are 10 different Recipes using All-Bran Cereal as an ingredient:

  1. Yogurt Banana Parfait: from Cosmopolitan:  5 Ingredient Dessert including All bran and some yogurt and eat as wonderful healthy Cheat of a treat.
  2. Protein Pancakes from Ripped Recipes:  5 Ingredient pancakes with no flour – Add protein powder to this All Bran and get a High protein pancake
  3. Berry Patch Tea Cake – From All Bran Recipe Database:  Great Fruit Dessert to help you empty the box of Cereal.
  4. Berry Green Smoothie From Pinch of Yum: All Bran in a Smoothie – Genius Idea
  5. Skinny Chocolate Muffins from Crazy for Crust:  Awesome Muffins with only 102 Calories and has 3.5 of protein per serving.
  6. All Bran Muffins from Live Craft Eat:  Kid Friendly Muffin Recipe that calls for Butter Milk as well
  7. Bran Baked Fish From All Bran:  – Wish I thought of this- Create a coating for Fish!
  8. Fresh Blueberry Tarts from Pinch of Yum:  – Add Cereal for Tart Crust Recipes
  9. Apple Raisin Squash from All Bran Recipe Data Base:  Use as Stuffing in this Squash Recipe
  10. Banana Bread:  Add it to your Banana Recipe
  11. Baked Pork Chops with Stuffing from All Brand Recipe Database:  Mix with Bread Crumbs in this Stuffing Recipe for Pork Chops