Arctic Gardens Contest: Win a Prize for Mothers Day -3 Winners

Arctic Gardens Contest for Canada

Here is your chance to celebrate mothers by offering them a chance to win a recipe book support!

There will be 3 lucky winners!

To enter, simply comment on the official Arctic Gardens contest post on facebook.

Very easy! Good Luck.

Rules: (assumed, none are posted)

  • Single entry
  • Open to Canadian residents
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Facebook account

Enter to WIN Here

Contest Ends May 14th,2018 at 1pm. 


Has this contest expired? Click here for more exciting contests to enter. 

About Arctic Gardens

Home of Arctic Gardens is a company dedicated to selling Frozen Vegetables and Veggie Dishes that you simply microwave.

Arctic Gardens Vegetables are sold under the Bonduelle label and they are famous for being extremely fresh. With growing locations in Ontario and Quebec, it is easy to get top of the line, fresh veggies virtually anywhere in the area. With plants in Bedford, Saint-Denis-Sur-Richeliu, Strathroy, and others, the reach for fresh veggies is quite long. The company has always taken the idea of growing closer to home to the heart. When you have vegetables growing close by and then send them out to customers in the area, they are always going to be of the best quality.

What is wonderful about Arctic Gardens is that they are frozen so quickly. These plants freeze them very quickly after they are harvested and that locks in the freshness for all to enjoy. Few companies do this and the veggies lose their fresh flavors. It is a large reason why the company has carved out such an obvious and clear niche in the frozen vegetable market.

What’s New at Arctic Gardens?

Have you seen the Arctic Garden’s Report Card Tv Commercial?

It shows this kid pretending he did not get his report card from school. He then asks his dad if there are vegetables in his meal. His dad says “no” just as the little boy did when asked about his report card.

There are two other TV Ad’s that are worth the watch if you like this sort of thing. Look for them on Youtube or on your local television station. They are the Cellphone Arctic Gardens commercial and Teeth Arctic Gardens commercial.


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