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Bernardin Coupons for Canada.

  • Save $5.00 off any ONE (1) case of Bernardin Smooth Jars (12-Pack)

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    Bernardin Pectin

    • Bernardin is a well-known brand for home canning in Canada. There are many kinds of products under this name, such as Liquid Pectin and Sugar-Free freezer jam pectins to Original Crystals, which you do not need any additional sugar with!

    Bernardin Freezer Jars

    Bernardin Freezer Jars – The jars come in three sizes, depending on your needs. They are perfect for storing food items like salsas, jams, and leftovers from dinner or even something new you want to try out!

    Bernardin History

    Bernardin is a family favourite, with over 100 years of experience behind them. They have been creating home canned goods to perfection for decades now, and their products are known all across Canada! If you’re looking into starting your garden or want some great gift ideas this year, look no further than Bernardins; they’ll have something perfect on offer.
    In addition, the quality here speaks volumes – what better time than before Christmas, when everyone needs extra food storage?