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About the Company

Boiron is a manufacturer of homeopathic products from France and operates in 59 countries.

Boiron Laboratories has been in Canada since 1988, and head quarts are in Saint Bruno De Montarville.

Boiron Products:

  • Camila relieves teething discomfort. They are designed for babies from 1-month-old to 30 months old—no sugar or preservatives.
  • Coryzalia helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms without the cause of drowsiness.
  • Arnica Gel is a cooling gel to help with sore muscles and pain.
  • Sabala helps with symptoms due to allergies.
  • Sédatil relieves symptoms caused by everyday stress.
  • Cocculine relieves nausea caused by motion sickness.

Where to Purchase?

Health Food Stores, Save On Foods, London Drugs,

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical technique that relates to tradition.

Homeopathic products are ideal for everyone – no matter how young or old.  Homeopathy is useful for minor and significant treatments in the issue: from colds and flues to chronic fatigue.

Ideal for everyone (adults, children, infants and the elderly ), homeopathy is beneficial for both the treatment of diseases daily (cough, colds, flu, teething, muscle pain, etc..) than that of chronic (asthma, anxiety, fatigue and depression, arthritis, etc.).