Burger King Canada Deals – Limited Time Offers

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Burger King Deals for Canada.


  • Jalapeno Cheesy Bites $1.99 for 5pc.
  • Apple Turnovers 2 for $2.00
  • King Meal Deal Mix or Match $4.99 – includes 2 Sandwiches + Small Fries + Drink
  • Get 10 Nuggets for just $2.99

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Prices in effect for a limited time only. Enjoy these Burger King Specials While they last.

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Burger King Menu

Check out the delicious BK Menus.


Choose from combo meals, sandwiches, sweets and sides, coffee and beverages, Real Fruit Smoothies, Frappes, and BK Kids Meal.

Lunch And Dinner

Here you will find combo meals, fire-grilled burgers, chicken or fish sandwich, wraps and salads, chicken strips, nuggets, french fries, poutine, sides, and BK Kids Meals.


Some of the above items can be considered a snack as well.

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When you want a burger made of actual meat, look to Burger King Canada. Burger King Canada has been giving a customer the royal treatment for years now. From small children to visiting seniors, everyone feels like royalty at Burger King Canada.

Enjoy a juicy Whopper or a simple cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something a bit healthier than usual, try a wrap or a salad. Don’t wait for summer to enjoy flame-grilled burgers either because Burger Canada has them all year round. Looking for a quick meal for the kids? Why not try a BK Kids Meal? Burger King Canada hs something for everyone. If you need more information on current trends and special you can even sign up for a BK Newsletter for your inbox. Whenever you need the royal treatment, just stop by Burger King Canada. You can sink your teeth into a meal fit for a king!

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  1. Have been to many fast food chains that send me coupons…I never see any from you stores at all..I live in a small town and I feel we are over looked..Can you not post them on your site to copy or this site..I did get them once or twice when I wrote into you and asked. I do not know when you send them out it was by chance that I seen people using them. We go to harvey’s or Arby’s most of the time because of this reason.

  2. Colette, Please go directly to Burger King’s website to sign up for their newsletter. It can not be done on on website.

  3. I’ve been tons of burger king sites, I would like to subscribe to newsletter so I can receive coupons,


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