We need more Canadian Pride in our country! Compared to our American neighbours, we really lack Flag pride.  Down in Washington state, you can’t drive a block in a neighbourhood without seeing an American flag waving in the wind.  There is so much decor put into love and care with their pride.  I’m not sure how they found so much patriotism in their country, but I wish I see more patriotism here in Canada!

Canada does Celebrate Canada Day.

We host parades, rodeos, and Hockey events, veterans day, and that’s it when it comes to flag pride. Our pantries lined with Canadian maple syrup usually has a maple leaf on them, but we don’t see much in our homes.  But we do show it on “Events.”

We Need more Canada Day Decorations! 

Free Canada Flag

canada day flag governement

I’m not sure if the Canadian Government still mails Canada Flags to your home, I know over the last 20 years I’ve attempted a few times to request, with no luck, but I’ve had friends from Ontario managed to get one mailed to them.  Click Here to Try. ( Warning, it’s not a SECURE site, but you can try and do a search from the home page if they move the page again.

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