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Jun 17, 2020

Canada Day 2020 is almost here, and what a better way to easily celebrate with individual cupcakes, Just simply create your family cupcake and simply add this little topper to each one! It’s a Great gesture and is a great way to celebrate Canada Day! Or any day that you want to take some Canadian Pride!

Celebrate Canada Day Cake in Style!

We’ve created you these adorable little Cupcake toppers – Canada Style!

Simply Do 1 the following:

  1. Print either on white paper and glue onto construction paper or print right on White construction paper! or use stickers
  2. Tape or glue onto toothpick or stick – double side if desired!
  3. Add to Cupcakes
  4. Let your guests enjoy

And you have yourself adorable cupcakes for this year’s Canada Day celebration!

Print Canada Day Cupcake Topper

I did up a quick batch of cupcakes for my kids this weekend, and did up a cupcake to show you how cute these can look! The below Cupcake was just a box recipe with cream cheese icing.



I’m not a photographer, nor a fabulous baker, but love trying! If you happen to create these!

Please do send me a picture or link to it! I would love to take a look!


Canada day Desserts Recipes

Canada Day Tim Hortons


Canada Day Kebobs: Such a Great Cute Canada Day addition to any Canada Day Celebration: Ingredients are Strawberries and Tim Bits – Get the Recipe 

Canada Day Kebobs using marshmallows


Using Marshmallows and Jello Powder – Easy simple dessert on a stick!

Simple Yet fun Idea – Get the Full Recipe and Instructions 

Canada Day No Bake Cherry Cheese Cake


If it’s too hot outside, Think about this easy No-bake Cherry or strawberry Cheesecake in a mason jar dessert Idea! Get the Full Recipe and Instructions 


Cup Cake Recipes

Check out our Pinterest or some new cupcake recipe ideas including lots of frosting. See Below some of the previous cupcake Recipes we’ve built over the years.



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