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Canadian Wildlife Federation offers their calendar to CWF supporters as a way to share their love for wildlife and to provide information about CWF’s conservation programs.

To receive correspondence from CWF and the opportunity to get the CWF wildlife calendar next year, all you need to do is either register to their website or make a donation to support the conservation efforts.

Fill out the request form to receive your free calendar. These are beautiful calendars for any animal lovers!

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    About Canadian Wildlife Federation:

    The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is Canada’s largest conservation charity, dedicated to protecting nature and inspiring Canadians to join us. We are more than one million passionate individuals united for wildlife.

    Our vision is a nation rich in nature where people act according to the needs of wildlife. Our mission is to protect hearts and inspire Canadians to join us. Our strategy is to engage Canadians in protecting nature, provide trusted information and practical conservation solutions, and work with partners who share our vision to make Canada a nation rich in wildlife.

    For more information on CWF programs and activities, please visit or follow them on Twitter @CanWildlifeFed.

    Is Canadian Wildlife Federation a worthy charity to support?

    That’s what I wondered when an envelope stuffed with direct mail arrived in my mailbox. That day, I decided to look into it.

    The CWF website suggests they specialize in endangered species protection (species at risk). They also say they support the restoration of biodiversity and other ecosystem services. They highlight the following programs:

    – Habitat conservation and threatened species protection (species at risk) in Canada – Biodiversity and ecosystem services restoration in Canada and internationally.

    – Science programming to support wildlife conservation in Canada and abroad