Canadian Wildlife Federation – FREE 2021 Calendar

Canadian Wildlife Federation Free Calendar



Oct 4, 2020 Join our Private facebook Group!

Canadian Wildlife Federation Free Calendar for 2021.

Register to be a Canadian Wildlife supporter, and you can claim your:

Free Wildlife Calendar for 2021. 

Tip: You don’t “NEED” to donate to receive calendar – but they could use your support as a Nonprofit organization.

There are minimal supplies, so request yours fast!

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This Canadian Wildlife Federation Free offer is available While Quantities last, Limited time only.


Has this freebie expired?Find more freebies here. 





About Canadian Wildlife Federation:

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is a dedicated Organization to ensure healthy wildlife and their home environment.

They were founded back in 1962

They Inform ( Educate)

They spread the word about wildlife by producing printed resources for classrooms, posters, magazines, calendars and more. The goal is to inform Canada about the precious resources of nature.

As it stands, they currently have the support of approximately 350,000 Canadians and growing.

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Canadian Wildlife Federation Free Calendar


  1. I put my donation as $0 because it said I dont need to make a donation. I was charged $5 on my credit card. For a “free” calendar? I might as well have bought it at Dollarama..

  2. Love the calendar but I had to cancel and then re organize plans due to the Thanksgiving holiday date being incorrect.

  3. Just received large envelope filled with freebies including calendar. Please do not send me any further materials. I do not donate to organizations that send out these packages as I feel they are misusing the contributions, using them for advertising and soliciting instead of wildlife issues.

  4. Love the beautiful pictures, but in the 2019 calendar, it inaccurately has Thanksgiving on October 7. It should be on October 14.

  5. Sadly wwe is a hunting organization. recently found out. no more donations from me. they are scumbags!

  6. I am a new subscriber who looks forward to participating. Thank you for the opportunity…

  7. Dear Canadian Wildlife. I am a member for many years and look forward to my calendar each year. Before I got on a program to donate each month, I would receive my calendar and Christmas labels by now. As a monthly contributor, do I have to pay extra now for calendar/labels. Please advise as I have saved all my calendars since 1999, Thank you.


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