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Veseys seeds catalogue 2023

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  • 2023 Spring Bulbs & Perennials
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    Veseys Canada - Free Bulbs and Seed Digital Catalogue | Verseys

    About Vesey’s

    Vesey’s been one of the oldest Seed Distributors – Going back to 1939. You probably remember your mom or grandma ordering her seeds as a child. I know my mom always did her ordering every year through them.

    I Loved to help my mom garden back as a child—the fun of ordering seeds. I also remember enjoying opening the seedboxes and getting dirty in the planting process.  Not to mention the garden’s beautiful treats – such as Carrot pudding and eating peas off the vine!

    Do you remember pulling a carrot out of the ground – wiping the dirt off your jeans and chewing on it?

    Veseys is located in York, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    In 2003 Versey’s began getting into bulbs (Flowers)  – Mostly Rose Bushes and flowering bushes and this company have continued to flourish since!