, How to Get Discounts on Flowers!



How to Get Discounts on Flowers!

Does your husband send you flowers a few times a year?  Or perhaps you ended up with quite the collection of flower vases.  Something to ask the next time you’re in a flower store is to see if they will give you cashback or  “discount” if you bring them in.

I’m sure prices and store credits will not be the same across the country or even store to store, and of course, it probably depends if they feel it is worth buying back.  They also may not offer this, but there is no harm in asking.

Most Likely, the Chains of Flower Stores will not offer this, but Ma & PA type flower stores will generally be more willing to bargain with you.

I live in a small town, and our store allows this, it’s not a whole bunch of cash or anything, but if they are sitting in your house collecting dust, this is a good way to recycle. It is not “advertised.”  I happen to find out through a friend of mine that this was possible quite some time ago.

I’m starting to have a nice collection myself right now, as I found cleaning out underneath my kitchen sink,  So I think I’ll go in on Tuesday and get a store credit.  Our local flower store sells garden statues, Holiday ornaments, and silk flower arrangements, along with fresh flowers.