With gas prices soaring, it is important to look for any little way you can to save on fuel economy.

While you may not control what you pay at the pump, you can do many things to control how much gas you use on your daily commute. Everything from how you drive to how well maintained (or not!) your car is can affect your gas use.

Let’s look at all the ways you can save money on gas, and if you pay attention to these tips, you will see your gas budget get in the more reasonable range soon!

  • Don’t be an aggressive driver. When you punch the pedal, you are using way more gas than you need to. Slow down and drive defensively. This not only saves gas but lowers your chance at an accident.
  • Keep up on air filters, spark plugs and oil changes.  Doing so is very important because when your engine is dirty, it has to work harder, using more fuel.
  • Try walking, riding a bike or taking the bus when you can. If it’s just a quick trip within a reasonable distance for these forms of transportation, do them. The less you use your car for short trips, the more you have altogether.
  • Change the routes you take to places you go often. You may not even be taking the quickest and most fuel-efficient way. Look on Google Maps for alternate routes or even Get a navigator app on your phone.
  • Use Gasbuddy.com to get a better price. Gas Buddy will help you find the best price in your area by simply putting in your location.
  • Don’t idle too long. In newer cars, there is no need to start the engine and let it warm up. If you are in traffic for long periods of time, turn your engine off. It is a myth that it takes more gas to start an engine than to let it idle.
  • Don’t have unnecessary weight with you in the car. Make sure your trunk is empty of all unneeded items. The more weight you have in it, the worse fuel economy you will get.
  • Sign up for Gas Rewards. They are definitely worth your time and can really add up and save you a lot.

Another more obvious way to save on gas is to carpool to work or school. You can share the expenses, and then it is less for both of you.

How do you save on gas?