Catelli Coupons for Canada – Save $1.00 off (printable)

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Is Pasta a staple in your pantry? Discover Catelli Pasta has so many varieties, including Smart Pasta made with veggies, and also, you can purchase a Gluten-free variety of Pasta. Canadianfreestuff is here to help save you money on groceries by finding your coupons. See Below for what we found for Catelli Savings.

Catelli Coupon for Canada 2020.

  • Save $1.00 off Catelli Smart Pasta.

This Coupon is only available in the Print format.

Print your money-saving Coupon Here.

The Coupon expiry date is two weeks from the printing date.


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How to Use Catelli Coupons

Most of the time, Catelli coupons will be in print format, and if it is a print format, you will simply need to print the Coupon on your printer, and then purchase the Catelli product in the store, and simply hand the cashier the Coupon during checkout. If, by chance, its a mailed coupon, the only difference in delivery is having to wait for the Coupon to arrive in the mail before purchasing in the store.

If the Savings is in a Cashback Offer, you will simply have to download the application, and purchase said product, then snap a picture of your receipt, and it will be added to your account. Cashbacks are a digital form of Coupons these days.


The Catelli Pasta Brand

The brand was founded back in 1867 Catelli has grown into a household name that has been trusted for years. Many of us grew up knowing or at least seeing this name around the home and now use it ourselves. Don’t forget to use coupons when you can save money on the following products.


Catelli Pasta: comes in manicotti, rigatoni, Fusilli, and lasagna. You will also find fun shapes like alphabets, stars, shells, and bows.

Healthy Harvest: this product is made with 100% whole grain. What a better way to get some fibre in your diet

Catelli Smart: contains 250% more fibre.

Bistro: contains vegetables and grains. If you need that little extra in your diet, this is the product to choose from.

Catelli Express: This product does not require boiling. It just goes directly from the box to the oven. Perfect for those days when you just do not have the time to cook.





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