Cityline Holiday Haul Giveaway – Huge Prizes Everyday



Cityline Contest for Canada.

“Holiday Haul Giveaway” Contest.

Enter Daily; You could win massive prizing from that day’s show and the whole week. 

They’re giving away thousands of dollars in prizes all week long.

Prizes are Unknown, so you will have to watch the show each day to see what is being given away.

To enter this contest: 

  • Watch Cityline every day from December 9-13 and pay close attention to the episode.
  • Go to the link below and enter the “Daily Prize” form to win the day’s prizing that the in-studio audience took home!
  • At the end of the week, enter a particular trivia question to win all the prizing from the entire week!

Good Luck!


  • Daily Entry
  • Open to Canada residents
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority

Enter this giveaway Here

This Cityline Contest ends December 13, 2019


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Cityline Contest found above (Enter NOW!!) Find even more Cityline Contest Here. 

Cityline is a TV show hosted by Tracy Moore and produced by City Toronto. It is a Canadian daytime show that is mainly popular with women. They discuss things like fashion, lifestyle, offer advice, feature delicious recipes, etc.

Find episodes on decor, fashion, food, and much more.

Some Recipes Featured include;

  • Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana Muffins
  • Beef And Barley Soup
  • How To Make Basic Beef Stock
  • Spaghetti squash pizza crust
  • Chicken stir-fry with peppers
  • Simple three-ingredient chocolate fudge
  • Buttermilk-raisin bread
  • Sun-dried tomato pesto
  • Speedy + sweet Icewine martini
  • Amazing no-bake white chocolate Icewine cheesecake (this one sounds divine)
  • and more.

Did you know that “Cityline” is the longest-running daytime talk show for women in Canadian history?

Cityline found on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and even YouTube. Be sure to check them out for all the latest updates.

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  1. I can only find the contest for the daly swag give away. Is there a contest for the whole week. September 9-13, 2019. Love Cityline, well done the whole team????

  2. Hi I’m 69 and went thru a brain tumour and I’m recovering now and I watch cityline every day I would love a make over but I would love all your products. I love the way Tracy warms up the crowd and would love to go to the show but I live on Vancouver Island and it’s along way thanks

  3. I loved your show I joint the contest for swag bag I hope I be lucky and on Friday I loved when Dave show upgrade make up I always what to be there on stage imam devorse mom looking for loved I have a son who handcap I put mine life behind just take care mine son for 27 years now looking for a job and loved to share mine life with someone I being on date lines no luck

  4. I enjoy watching your city line every morning 9 O”Clock in the beautiful Prince Edward County where i live. Im wondering if you could do a short segment on Menopause and what women could do to help them selves with the weight gain. Also i need a idea about blinds or curtains for my garden doors. I could send pic”s if needed . thanks and also im watching your show right now as im typing this comment. Have a great day

  5. Louise Laporte, Sept. 11, 2019
    Dear Cityline crew, I have been watching your show for many many years now. Love it, and even watch it during the winter time from Florida. But now is my time to voice my opinion. By excluding Quebec viewers from participating to your contests is very ”discriminating”! Think about it!!! Not a happy camper here!!

  6. I would love to have a make over , my style hasn’t changed since I was a teenager , I will be 55 in August 2019 , I quit smoking 5 years ago , only drink once I a while now , before it was every day , and I have been going to the gym for a year now,
    I have a wedding to go to in New Jersey this June and I have no idea what to wear , how to have my hair , or what kind of shoes to buy ,. Help , I have no fashion sense ,,
    thank you
    Margi Plunkett

  7. Three generations of our family enjoy watching Cityline. It is both entertaining and informative. Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

  8. I really enjoy watching Cityline. I tape it then watch it again in the evenings when my daughter and granddaughter come to visit. Happy Holidays to your family from ours.

  9. I hope to win. We have not had a holiday in 3 yrs.m ,My husband lost his job last year, He is still not working. I have had to work as much as possible. aLSO WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TO tEXAS, ALTHOUH THE 1,000.00 DOLLARS WOULD BE GREWAT TO WIN.

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