Who would have thought of a company giving away Free glasses for kids? Well, it is true! Clearly, Glasses, better known as Clearly Contacts, here in Canada, is one of the best Glasses companies around; they have always supported Canada’s local consumers and promotions since they started.

The company has decided to give away FREE glasses to all kids under the age of 10

One of the main reasons companies have decided to give out Free glasses or even Free eye examinations is that it will help children learn better in school.

Unfortunately, due to the downward economy, many families cannot afford Vision Care Insurance or even glasses for their kids.

By giving away glasses for free, children can see well again, allowing them to read correctly in school and making a difference in their grades. Clearly Contacts genuinely make a difference in our society, and we should all thank them for their generous actions.

If you happen to live in Canada, make sure that you bring the necessary papers with you before going in to apply for the free offer at your local Clearly Glasses Store.

Clearly free kids Glasses

Clearly FREE Glasses for Kids

The following promotion is for Residents in Canada Only and valid only in certain provinces.

Instore Only Promotion only

To Qualify 

  1. The child Must be ten and younger.
  2. Have a Recent prescription ( written within one year from the date)
  3. Child health care card

Cities With Clearly Glasses stores

  • Chinook Centre Calgary
  • Queen Street Toronto
  • Robson
  • Robson Street Vancouver
  • West 4th Avenue Vancouver

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    About Clearly Glasses Company in Canada

    Clearly is a Canadian online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They offer the latest in quality designer brands with a large selection of fashion styles for men & women.

    Clearly Glasses is a Canadian company that manufactures and distributes reading glasses, sunglasses and fashion accessories. The business employs about 40 people, including sales staff, technicians and opticians.

    The company was founded with a vision to provide stylish and affordable eyewear. They produce and distribute their products, but they also import glasses from around the globe for distribution in Canada.

    Has store locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.