I’m going to be completely honest – I’ve sat all day and have debated whether or not to add this promotion to CanadianFreeStuff.com or not.  Part of me feels like kids spend too much time online, and then the other part of me thinks – Geez we are very much indifferent world right now, and maybe parents are simply tired of listening to kids fight and complaining of them being bored, and the parents might just need them to be occupied while they work from home.

At least this promotes “kid-friendly things to do online!  So that is a positive.

Free 30 Day FreeTime Unlimited Trial with Amazon.ca

It’s a Subscription that is designed for Kids, It’s very much designed for younger viewers ( Under the age of 12)  The service gives access to Tv shows, Games, books, movies, and includes French books and videos.

It includes content from Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon

Get 30 Days Free Trial for 1 User. Then Plans are $3.99 per month for Prime Members or $5.99 if Non-Prime Members. There are also family plans that start at $8.99 per month. Or Choose to Purchase a Year Membership for as low as $27.99 for a Family.

There is also a Dashboard to help control the content and time spent online

Click Here to Start Your 30 Day Plan 

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