Bowling is an entertaining sport that children of all ages can enjoy, while also enhancing their hand-eye coordination and patience skills.


During the summer of 2023, Kids Bowl Free offers a complimentary opportunity to engage in this activity. To participate, sign up for their program and print the provided coupons. It is important to note that the program’s availability may vary depending on the location of the bowling alley. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to your local lane in advance.


Spend quality time together this summer and explore novel experiences, starting with the sport of bowling.

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Kids Bowl Free All Summer 2023 |

Free Bowling All Summer For Kids

The 2023 Kids Bowl Free event is coming back with exciting new features! This year, over 1,000 bowling alleys across the country are participating in the program, providing two free games of bowling every day to each registered child. With a value of over $500 per child, there’s no better way to keep your kids entertained this summer!

This is an excellent choice if you want your kids to have a delightful summer. It’ll be great if their friends join the fun. A game of bowling with friends is an excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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Bowling To Teachers Program

This new program shares similarity with the Kids Bowl Free Program, focusing on teachers and schools.

In light of recent educational budget cuts, teachers face challenges in providing the necessary teaching aids for an ideal learning environment.

With the Bowling to Teachers Program, 400 teachers can now acquire the tools needed to achieve their teaching goals. If you want to apply to this program, please visit their webpage for more details. A total of 80 grants will be awarded.

What is the Age Requirement to Bowl?

You must see your local bowling alley for this information. You will find the appropriate age on the right-hand side of the registration form.

How much is a Shoe Rental?

This varies from location to location. Once again, check with your local bowling alley or see the registration form. Some places rent these shoes, while for others, you will need to provide your own.

Have fun this summer!!!