Guess What? Dollar Drink Days McDonalds are back for 2023.

You can enjoy an excellent coffee for Iced Coffee for $1.00 plus taxes during McDonalds summer Drink Days Event

Also, if Summer Day Promo isn’t on yet, You can always use Your McDonald’s Rewards to get a Free Iced Coffee!

Mcdonalds summer drink days

Dollar Drink Days McDonald’s 2023

Summer Drink Days starts on May 24th and end on August 23rd.

During this period, you can enjoy a SMALL $1.00  Iced Coffee plus taxes at McDonald’s! You also need to order it on the APP.

Beat the heat with a small McCafé Iced Coffee or Fountain Drink for $1+tax. Or, try a small Fruit Splash™ Beverage for $2 each plus tax ? what a delicious way to stay cool this summer!

Mcdonald's iced coffee

If you want to get a smoking deal on a medium or large Iced Coffee, you will have to look in your App, to scoop up a Larged McCafe Iced Coffee.

Craving a smooth McCafé® Iced Coffee* or a refreshing Fountain Drink? Check out the Rewards & Offers section in the app to get any size for $1 each + tax. Staying refreshed this summer is that easy!

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy your favourite beverage all summer. Enjoy dollar drink days at McDonalds this summer of 2023

Earn 100 bonus points on McCafe Frappe

To accumulate extra points redeemable for Frappes or Real Fruit Smoothies, don’t forget to utilize your rewards program by collecting those additional 100 points.

Get 100 bonus points† when you order a McCafé® Real Fruit Smoothie or Frappé exclusively on the app. Choose from a line up of refreshing flavours like the NEW Kiwi Pineapple Banana** Smoothie.

You will also be able to grab the above deal During the Dollar Drink Days Mcdonald’s 2023


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Mcdonalds’ iced coffee menu or Flavours

While Flavored Iced Coffee is unfortunately excluded from the $1.00 deal, there are still a variety of flavours to try next time you want to change things up..

Flavoured coffee syrup includes

  • French Vanilla & Sugar-Free vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut
  • You can ask for various shots added, like caramel macchiato



Regular Price of McDonald’s iced coffee in 2023 in Canada

  • Ice Coffee Small$1.79 or $2.19 Flavored
  • Ice Coffee Medium$2.39 or $2.79 Flavored
  • Ice Coffee Large$2.79 or $3.19 Flavored

McDonald’s iced coffee nutrition

A Typical Small Iced coffee with whole milk and sugar will be 140 calories


Premium Roast Rainforest Alliance makes iced coffee-certified espresso

Iced coffee is made from 100% high-quality Arabica coffee. The beans come from farms in Central and South America

Don’t Throw Out Your Cold Coffee! Make Iced Coffee!

Iced coffee from mcdonalds

How to make McDonald’s Iced Coffee at Home

To make McDonald’s coffee recipe, start by brewing coffee with a coffee machine. I recommend using 3 scoops of coffee grounds to make 8 cups for optimal taste – the perfect way to kick start any morning. Subsequently, remove the coffee from the pot and pour it into a cup. Allow the coffee to cool for a minimum of two hours.

Firstly, add the required amount of syrup and half & half to the coffee, stirring until thoroughly combined. If preparing a larger quantity, additional syrup and half & half may be necessary. Finally, add ice to the coffee and relish your refreshing drink.


iced coffee recipe

McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients

  • McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients – syrup, whole milk, coffee, and ice (on their website)

While it’s true that replicating the taste of the original in your kitchen can be challenging, it’s not impossible. I’ve discovered my preferred flavour profile for iced coffee, which may need some finessing on your part to perfect the sweetness and cream factor.

What type of Syrup to Use?

Numerous syrup varieties, such as Torani syrup, can be ordered online if not readily available in your local store, are available. Additionally, if you’re seeking a fake sugar option, DiVinci syrup is an excellent alternative.

What type of Whole Milk to use?

  • Feel free to use whipping cream, half & half, or 2% milk, depending on your taste preferences. I love whipping or 18% cream when I can, but everyone’s taste is different, so you might need to experiment with the ingredients.

What type of premium-roast coffee to use?

While I do make do with what I have, if you’re looking to nail that copycat recipe, I’d highly recommend using McDonald’s premium-roast coffee in your brew. It’s sure to take your coffee game to the next level!

Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe

This is a simple and quick fix, and it works wonderfully! You can find the recipe at McDonald’s to make caramel coffee at home. In the formula above, one tablespoon of Torani Caramel coffee syrup is used instead of the Torani Vanilla Flavor ice-cold syrup.

It provides the same taste without McDonald’s’ iced coffee costs or the hassle of leaving them home alone.