Do you ever get tired of eating the same old thing every day? Do you crave something different but still familiar? If so, then I have just the snack for you.

Doritos Coupons will also save you money.

Doritos are a classic favourite that never gets old and is always delicious. Every flavour has its unique taste that can’t be found in any other chip on earth. From Nacho Cheese to Salsa Verde, they all hold their special place in my heart (and stomach).

So go ahead and try them out!

Doritos Coupons

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Any flavour/variety.

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    About Doritos

    The first product was created at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The restaurant owner then made a deal with Alex Foods in 1964, giving many goods for CASA de Grits’ at Disneyland and strategically creating the chips for a limited period. Frito Lay acquired control of production after that.

    “Doritos” was released across the USA in 1966,

    Doritos generated $1.3 billion in retail sales in 1993. The firm invested $50 million to change the shape of Doritos chips in 1994 to make them larger, thinner and rounded out the edges.

    The logo can still find the original Doritos logo in the popular Nacho Cheese flavour. In 2006, the business introduced several new flavours and a new label.

    In 2013, the Doritos logo was altered again, with the new slogan “FOR THE BOLD.”

    Question: How many Doritos do you eat in a sitting?

    Only 12 Doritos count as a serving. The small meal is 150 calories.