Discover off the Eaten Path New Snack! Enjoy banana chips, Veggie Crisps, veggie puffs, and Chickpea veggie crisps! Start eating a bit healthier with these new snacks from the Off the Eaten Path Crisps!
Off the Eaten Path
Off the Eaten Path is part of Pepsico Products and Tasty Rewards.

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    Walmart Canada’s Regular Price on These Crisps is $3.97. Using the above coupon, you will be saving 50% on a single bag, and imagine if you are lucky enough to find this snack line for Less.

    Chickpea Veggie Crisps: a mosaic of real veggies like chickpeas, peas and purple sweet potato you can see right in the crisp

    About Chickpea Veggie Crisps

    Off The Eaten Path is a snack brand obsessed with locating new paths in snacking, beginning with great tasty snacks made with substances you could experience properly about.

    • Chickpea Veggie Crisps is a mosaic of natural veggies like chickpeas, peas and purple sweet potatoes you can see right in the crisp.
    • Gluten-Free, and have no artificial flavours or preservatives.
    • They offer snacks for the curious that are deliciously different from chips.
    • They launched Off The Eaten Path for consumers hungry for a new adventure and looking for something unexpected in their snacks.

    Imagine biting into a crisp, golden brown fry that is packed with delicious ingredients like chickpeas and purple sweet potatoes. You’ll discover new vegetables never before thought of when you bite into these uniquely textured French fries! These healthy snacks have been created from rare foods such as sunflower oil dried yellow beans and rice flowers. For just $10 more per package ($16), their price will be increased by ten dollars so it may be difficult to find them at your local grocery store or convenience shop but they can still