Everything takes batteries these days – The Battery keeps going and going as the theme song goes on their commercial. But batteries get expensive after a while, especially on a computer cordless mouse and kids toys. CanadianFreeStuff wants to help save you money by finding you find ways to help cut the cost.

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The Energizer Batteries

The batteries of Energizer have come a long way and are available in all sorts of sizes such as AAA, AA, B, C, D, and available in Rechargeable styles as well as they make chargers.  This is such a huge relief, and it is always great to have a few rechargeable batteries around to Really save money, especially on all those items that frequent them. Other good ideas are always to carry a flashlight around if the power goes out – but Lol, we all have our phone nowadays, which is now a Flashlight in many cases.

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About the Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is the mascot for Energizer batteries. It is a pink toy rabbit wearing shades and sandals and beats a drum with the energizer logo. It’s a parody of the pre-existent Duracell Bunny. It’s been seen in North America since 1998, and It’s been on more than 115 TV commercials.

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