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    About Gerber Graduates Toddler Drinks!

    Toddler drinks developed by Gerber Graduates include all the nutrients your youngster requires to get through each day. They’re available in various tastes, including apple, peach, strawberry banana smoothie, grape raspberry smoothie, and mixed berries (my son’s favourite). They also contain DHA and iron, which contribute to an infant’s brain.

    Gerber Graduates is a line of drinks created to help toddlers transition from baby food to table foods. The drinks are packed with nutrients and vitamins and easy on the stomach, which makes them perfect for your little one’s growing tummy. With several flavours and varieties available, you’ll find Gerber Graduates a great addition to your toddler’s diet!

    Toddler Nutrition

    Toddlers are becoming pickier with what they eat, so you have to try your best to feed them nutrient-rich foods. As toddlers grow fast, they need sufficient nutrients to ensure proper development. Vegetables are very rich in vitamins and minerals, suitable for the rapidly growing child. Colourful vegetables contain high amounts of antioxidants which help to prevent diseases. Examples of vegetables include carrots, tomatoes, spinach and other leafy vegetables.