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Are you a blogger? or perhaps you are a person who loves to review products and have good social media accounts? Well, there’s a new player on the prowl, and it’s called Intellifluence. 

The process is easy. Just upload your picture, and submit a biography, plus your mailing address and fill out the choice of how you would like to be compensated, such as Free Product, Cash Only or a combination, and boom, that’s it.

You never know when there’s going to be an opportunity.

The Process of Joining Intellifluence

1. Create a profile: join for free and create a profile ( no different than starting another social media platform; you are creating a profile so brands can find you easily based on interests and your social media platforms

2. Accept pitches: Now that your profile is complete, you will now wait for brands to find you and pitch offers to you – this may include cash or free products for your exchange of promotion on your social media account.

3. Apply on Marketplace – Here is where you can browse and see if any offers stand out to you or if you want to apply for these opportunities.

3. Get compensated: Once you have completed all the tasks associated with the terms of your agreement of being an influencer, you will then your compensation such as Free Cash or product.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is simply helping brands be noticed. It’s like having someone tell your story as far a brand goes. The brands rely on reputable influencers to promote and give feedback about their products to help out with future product studies.

There are three types of influences of influencers – Peer Level, Authority and Aspirational.

Aspirational influencers are what all influencers strive to be, like the Celebrity of Influencers across the social media channels.

The Authoritative Influencer is a specialist in a particular field; this could be a Beauty Blogger and Beauty influencer-notch-based.

You have the Peer Influencer Level – where a large following member knows you. Lots of companies think this is the most powerful influencer of all.

Influencer marketing is a great business approach for any product, whether the business is small or big, it’s also more affordable for brands than paying for print marketing.

PineCone Survey – Accepting New Canadians 

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust individuals’ recommendations over any other advertising in print or on tv. Customers are turning off ads and looking for Peer information about what works and what doesn’t. Hence this is why Influencers are such an important way to advertise for companies.



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