Gerber Photo Contest – Win Resp’s + Weekly Prizes

Gerber Photo Contest – Win Resp’s + Weekly Prizes




New Gerber Photo Contest

  • Win Grand Prize of $5000 towards an RESP plan
  • Win a Secondary prize of $1000 towards an RESP plan
  • Or Win 1 of $500.00 towards an RESP plan


  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Photograph of Child Younger than 36 months
  • Enter per unique photo ( Upload as many unique as you want)

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Contest Ends June 30, 2017



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Gerber Baby

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Gerber brand. That logo that features the cutest baby in the world?!

How did they find the cutest baby in the world you might ask? Well, in 1928 the owners of Gerber decided to host a contest looking for just that. There were thousands of drawings and paintings submitted to this contest.

A lady by the name of Dorothy Hope Smith, who was a professional artist that specialized in children’s drawings decided to enter one of her unfinished portraits. It was just a charcoal sketch of a baby with messy hair and pursed lips. She did not think she would really win because after all it was an unfinished piece of work. She added a little note to the entry that said, “If you pick my picture I will finish it.”. To her surprise she won the contest!! The surprising part was that this company did not want to change a thing about the drawing. So, the Gerber Baby was born.


Find Gerber products for every stage of your baby’s development. From infant cereal to Graduate Snacks you are sure to find something that you and you baby absolutely love.



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