Becoming a gym bunny is now more accessible with Goodlife Fitness.

Goodlife free trial is currently still available.

Goodlife fitness has a vast network of gyms across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and more. If your job involves a lot of travel, you can stay in shape with Goodlife Fitness, as they have tons of Gyms, and if you have the Ultimate Package membership, you can visit each one any day of the week.

Goodlife’s Good Personal Training(GPT) program is perfect for anyone who wants to start a fitness lifestyle or needs post-rehabilitation care. Or for those with new health and fitness goals

Goodlife Fitness FREE Trial

Goodlife Fitness free workout

It’s Back! Did you get back on the wagon of working out and getting fit? Well, it’s now available again after a break.  But after the pandemic, they have reduced their free pass to a single free workout session with a club tour.

Get your FREE Single-pass at GoodLife Fitness.

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The offer is valid for a limited time only.

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    How to Get a Free Goodlife fitness day pass

    if you are visiting the Goodlife fitness page for the first time, you will see a link ( see picture below) where you need to click to go to the Free Day Pass to get a free workout when you book a tour of the gym.

    Free Workout at Goodlife fitness

    Or you can choose to Click Here and be transferred to the instructions on booking your FIRST Gym Tour.

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      Goodlife Free Trial 2022 | goodlife free trial

      About GoodLife Fitness

      Founded in 1979 by David Patchell-Evans in London, Ontario, GoodLife Fitness is Canada’s largest fitness center chain, with over 300 locations across Canada.

      In February 2013, GoodLife Fitness partnered with Jillian Michaels Body Shred Canada.

      Goodlife Personal training is Goodlife’s most popular program, with over 200,000 sessions delivered each year.


      Get a fitness workout at the gym

      Do you Need Health & fitness goals?

      As adults – they have offered you a free Workout when you book a tour.  The conditioners are for New Customers only.  So if you want to check out their facilities before purchasing a gym membership, this is a fabulous way to go. their staffed club hours can help you almost any time of the day to help you create your personalized workout.  They have team training, and they will begin a one-hour consultation after signing a guest liability waiver.

      Members can enjoy team workouts or work out separately on their schedule, with or without support.

      Register for a day Gym  at Goodlife Canada 

      And you can also purchase a monthly Gym Membership for

      There are over 300 Goodlife Fitness Centers across Canada.

      Find a variety of start of the art fitness equipment such as treadmills, stair climbers, ellipticals, total weights, spin bikes, spin classes, Aerobic classes and more.  Some locations are open 24 x 7, letting you choose the time you workout out; after all, not everyone can make a 7 am workout or 7 pm workout.