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It’s Back! Did you get back on the wagon on working out and getting fit. Well it’s back this year!

Get your FREE 3-visit pass at GoodLife Fitness

Enter your email address via this link to receive your FREE pass now. 

Offer is valid for a limited time only.



About GoodLife Fitness

Founded in 1979, by David Patchell-Evans in London, Ontario, today GoodLife Fitness is Canada’s largest chain of fitness centers, with over 300 locations across Canada.

In February 2013, GoodLife Fitness partnered with Jillian Michaels Body Shred Canada.

Why do they offer Free Teen Memberships?

Because according to Canadian Health over 26% of the children and teens are overweight and 60% of children are not getting the required physical activity they should be.  This is a total of 93% of Canada’s youth are not meeting the physical activity guidelines.

This membership runs from July through till labour day.

Do you want a free Goodlife Membership?

As adults – they have offered you a free 3 visit pass for 7 days. The conditioners are for New Customers only.  So if you would like to check out their facilities before purchasing a gym membership. This is a fabulous way to go.

Register for 3 Day Gym  at Goodlife Canada 

And you can also purchase a 14-day membership for $14.00

There are over 280 Goodlife Fitness Centers across Canada.


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