With the new year, lots of people made resolutions to hit the gym more. However, you might find that affording a gym membership with a tight budget is pretty tricky. With these tips, you can learn how to afford the gym on a budget!

How To Afford The Gym On A Budget |

1. Pick a gym with great prices
There are a few gyms out there that are known for their better prices. If you want something extremely cheap and don’t have anything extra, usually, Goodlife would be an excellent option for you. YMCA typically has pretty high prices, so you may want to avoid there, but sometimes they have pretty awesome deals! If you want something like the YMCA offers with childcare, a pool, etc. – hold out for sale and try to sign up with them when they run one!

How To Afford The Gym On A Budget |

2. Look for discounts
If you work for the government, are active duty/veteran, or know that the gym has a partnership with where you work – consider going where the discount is offered. Lots of local gyms will usually offer discounts to government employees. Ask your boss if there are any gyms partnered with your work, and if not, call around to the gyms near you and ask what types of discounts they offer and if you qualify for any of them. It never hurts to ask, and sometimes they’ll give you a discount just for asking because they want your business!

How To Afford The Gym On A Budget |

3. Cut spending in other areas
If you’re looking to get a gym membership, you probably want to cut out the fast food spending. You’d be surprised how much it adds up and how quickly! Cutting that cost will be a massive help before being able to afford the gym on a budget. Another way to cut spending is by being aware of your utility use. If you tend to leave lights on, leave fans running, and so on, try to pay more attention to those things in hopes that you can cut down utility bills, freeing up some space in your budget. Try Coupons 

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How To Afford The Gym On A Budget |

4. If all else fails, skip the membership!
It’s not always plausible in every budget to have a gym membership, and that’s okay. The outdoors is great for running, you can do work out videos at home for free on YouTube, and ultimately, you can still take control of your health! Being able to afford the gym on a budget can be overwhelming, and if you’re not sure you can do it, have no fear!

How do you think you can change things up to afford the gym on a budget?

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