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    Hall’s Honey Flavoured Cough Drops

    Enjoy the soothing effects of honey on an irritated throat with a bit of help from Hall’s brand.

    This product is a Cough suppressant, an Oral anesthetic that gives you temporary relief of coughs due to colds and occasional sore throat or irritation of the throat.

    If the cough stays for more than a week, stop using Hall’s products and seek medical advice.

    Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

    Directions for use

    Halls Throat Drops are made for adults and children over five. Slowly dissolve one drop-in mouth. If you are using Strawberry or Tropical Fruit, use two drops (one at a time). You can repeat this process every 2 hours if you need to.

    3 Types of Hall’s Vitamin Drops

    HALLS Vitamin C

    • Vitamin C Supplement Drop
    • Daily defence for good health
    • It also comes in a sugar-free option
    • Available in 9 piece sticks or 25-30 count bag options 
    HALLS Antioxidant Vitamin Drops – Pomegranate Berry
    • This drop helps your body metabolize
    • It keeps your body healthy
    • It also comes in sugar added drops
    • Choose seven-count or 17 drop bag options

    HALLS Vitamin D Vitamin Drops – Tropical Pineapple

    • It helps keep you feeling healthy and helps aid in maintaining bones & teeth.
    • Comes in No Sugar Added form as well.
    • Choose seven-count or 17-count bag options.

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