Influenster Product Testing Opportunities in Canada |




Register, and begin reviewing products and doing surveys. The more you do, the better the ranking you get, and more opportunities to come your way.  Similar to Chickadvisor and Bzz Agent if you’re familiar with those.  If you can spend 30 – 60 minutes per month on this site – You’ll be golden to receive wonderful items in your mailbox.

Free Full-Sized Products from Influenster in Canada?

Yes, Influenster also works in Canada. We, as Canadians, might not get as many opportunities as our friends from the USA. Still, yes time to time, if you sign up to all the snaps and keep your profile up to date and become a regular product reviewer on things you have previously purchased, you keep increasing your chances to get a VoxBox, which you can increase your chances on getting FREE Products.

Do Canadians Get Shafted on VoxBox’s

Yes, More and more Canadian Influensters are moving away from spending a lot of time on this well known American Product Testing Review site, just due to the lack of opportunities available to them.

Is it worth it to join Influenster?

Yes, I think so, but I wouldn’t go badge crazy – No need to hit Superstar status if they don’t have enough Canadian opportunities.

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a community filled with social media celebrities, trendsetters and trusted consumers, including Canadian customers who love to give opinions about products.

Influensters meet and learn about new products from fabulous brands and get a chance to review products they already use.

They Invite the brand-savvy people to participate and get rewarded.

  • VoxBox campaigns where members receive full-size products to test and review!
  • Interactive Twitter chats with celebrities.
  • Contests where members can receive more free stuff
  • Discounts 

In return, all they ask is for their community to do what they already do: Share opinions with their friends online using social media.