Time to Scream for Ice Cream with an Island Farms Coupon!

Their superior ice cream is made of handcrafted ingredients and tastes incredible. The flavours include vanilla bean, butter pecan fudge ripple, vanilla fudge ripple, butter pecan, chocolate chip cookie dough, mocha fudge brownie, double chocolate chip chocolate cake with strawberries in between layers.

Island Farms understands how to satisfy our taste buds. Their delicious ice cream is made with the highest-quality ingredients, and their whipped topping is an absolute dream!

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About Island Farms

Island Farms has been around since 199 with the old-fashioned horse and buggy with milk bottles,

They have grown and changed over the years. As part of the Agropur family – one of the largest dairy cooperatives in Canada – they now deliver over 600 fresh dairy products throughout British Columbia.

You can find Island Farm ice Cream in other provinces – usually in Ice Cream parlours.

What makes good ice cream?

Is it the ingredients? The flavours? Or the overall product and experience of enjoying a delicious treat on a hot day in a cone or cup, in a moment when you seem to have all the time in the world.

Does Real Dairy improve the taste of ice cream?

Authentic Dairy products give smoothness and richness to ice cream that only dairy products provide, so they’re good ingredients for co-packing as well!


Does Real Dairy change the structure of ice cream?

Ice cream’s structure is not harmed by genuine dairy products. They improve it by adding nutrients and body to the finished product.