Babies cost money!  If you have Munchkin products or want to start purchasing more of them, You will wish to savings such as finding Munchkin Coupons, rebates and finding the best deals online to make it easier on the wallet.

Munchkin makes gadgets for babies. They make things like cups with handles that are easy to hold and hairbrushes that massage your baby’s head.

All of their products are designed carefully and tested before they sell them.


Munchkin Coupons

There has not been a couple for Canadians with the Munchkin Brand since 2014.  So we’re not expecting one soon.

  • The last coupon was to save $1.00 off on the Diaper Genie on the refill backs.

Our Best Advice to give you if you want to save locally in your city is to follow our Tips on Saving with several apps, including Flyers and Cash Back offers.

The Best Mobile  Apps Canada to Download and Save Money

The above article is the best advice I can give!  Also, you can try and follow them on social media; they do have a Munchkin Canada Facebook Page; they may post some deals or promotions,

Munchkin products

Finding Savings on Munchkin Products on

If you are looking for Diaper genie Refills or something of similar nature, you may want to try using an Amazon Service like Camel Camel where you can get notified of when the product reaches a price you are wanting to be notified about!

Just Register online, you don’t even have to have to download the Google Chrome Extention, Just sign up for the products you want to know about, and check out the sales history of each product, Just don’t focus on the “LOWEST ever” number, just because of inflation rates always climbing, I would take a look at the last 6 months, you can always make another adjustment as a lower price at any given point.


More Coupons to Try Out

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Munchkin logo Canada

Munchkin Canada

This brand was founded back in 1991 to fill a need for efficient and safe products for families.

Their slogan reads, “It’s the little things.” It means that they offer a wide selection of products that, when they add up, can make a huge difference in a parent’s life.

Currently, there are over 400 products on the market that carry the Munchkin name.

From newborn to a toddler, you can find products that include(but are not limited to);

  • travel
  • toys
  • bath
  • cups
  • safety
  • cleaning
  • feeding
  • and much more.

Best Sellers

Several items top the Best Seller list at Munchkin;

  • Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Replacement Cartridge. These diaper genie refills are filled with baking soda. Diapers are stinky; help eliminate the odour with the help of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.
  • Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup – 7oz. This product is a flexible straw weighted to the bottom of the cup. No more leftover liquids that the baby cannot reach. Baby can quickly drink at any angle that the cup is held.
  • Silicone Spoons. Easy for babies to hold and gentle on their gums. It makes feeding time fun time.