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About Rudi’s Bakery

Rudi’s Organic Bakery was founded in 1976 as a local bakery launched by Sheldon Romer. The founder named the company after a spiritual leader of an ashram in New York, called Swami Rudrananda.

Rudi’s Bakery became pretty reputable among nutritious, preservative-free bread, flavorful, rolls and buns.

In the early 1990s, the Bakery became an organic industry leader when they started using natural ingredients. In 1998, it participated in an organic certification program. The company was renamed Rudi’s Organic Bakery in 2001, to show the company’s commitment to supporting and producing natural products.

Today, the company is best known for the production and distribution of quality organic bread and baked goods products. Rudi’s is offering high-quality organic bread that features the healthiest ingredients. Finally, in 2008 Rudie’s baked goods were introduced into Canada. In 2010, we began the gluten-free journey.